The Walmart 2022 Holiday Gifting Digest was a large project designed to span all over the website and social media, as well as targeted ads online and in-store monitor displays. There were 12 different sizes of tactics, and I created an English and French version for 7 different groupings of products, each with its own image and caption. The ads were designed to guide shoppers to categories of gift ideas, like pet, kitchen appliances, video games, and more. I designed multiple sizes of banners as well to fit responsively onto different screen sizes, like desktop, tablet, and mobile. Each banner was created to match the approved Walmart "Look and Feel" and adhere to the specifications needed for offsite advertising, digital publication, and social media standards. The ads went live on beginning November 3rd, 2022.
Please note: I was not employed by Walmart. These images were created using Walmart and vendor assets during my freelance employment with The Mars Agency. Walmart Canada is a client of Mars, not me personally. I do not claim responsibility for the Walmart logo or branding or any of the other brands' logos, branding, or packaging as featured in the images. As a designer my role was designing the layout using provided images and text.
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