In continuing my role at The Mars Agency,  I was tasked with designing the cover of one of Walmart Canada's digital catalogues, the November 2022 gaming edition. In addition, I laid out the "new release" page. The catalogue was released online on November 8th, 2022 and ran until early December. The catalogue required the use of English and French assets from different well known gaming franchises, an eye for layouts, and rounds of revisions from both the brands and the Walmart team. In addition, I created a set of static banners featuring the cover image for use elsewhere on the site to guide users to the ads and catalogues page.
Please note: I was not employed by Walmart. These images were created using Walmart and vendor assets during my freelance employment with The Mars Agency. Walmart Canada is a client of Mars, not me personally. I do not claim responsibility for the Walmart logo or branding or any of the other brands' logos, branding, or packaging as featured in the images. As a designer my role was designing the layout using provided images and text, and only the two pages and banners of the November issue shown here. 
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