In 2023, a major goal of my client, Saputo cheeses, was the development of a strong messaging strategy for the following year. Their brand Frigo Cheeseheads already had fresh and funky visuals to capture the attention of kids and families, including hand drawn backgrounds and characters with unique traits. The delicious product and unique branding already made Frigo a success, but how could they catch the eye of new shoppers? The solution was digital and in-store ads that brought new attention to some of the positive benefits of string cheese: it's perfect for on-the-go, pleasing picky eaters, and it's a great source of protein for energy. To illustrate these benefits, I created and illustrated new scenarios and physical appearances for the characters. 
I transformed "JEDD"  from a skinny stick-like figure into a muscle man "pumping" iron.
Thelma started off unclothed and standing still, while now she happily plays basketball and soccer with the appropriate accessories. 
We recognized that not all children will  be interested in sports or working out, so finally I created some iterations of other active hobbies kids might be interested in: Carl hiking with a pretzel stick, and a cheese figure skateboarding. 
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